The Canadian Society for the History of Medicine welcomes you!

    The Canadian Society for the History of Medicine promotes the study, research and communication of the history of health and medicine in all of its facets. Since its founding meeting in 1950 at the Université Laval, Quebec, the CSHM/SCHM has drawn its members from a broad range of intellectual perspectives in the humanities and health sciences.

    La Société canadienne d’histoire de la médecine vous accueille!
    La Société Canadienne d’histoire de la Médecine encourage l’étude, la recherche et la communication dans le domaine de l’histoire de la santé et de la médecine sous toutes ses facettes. Depuis sa réunion fondatrice en 1950 à l’Université Laval à Québec, la SCHM/CSHM attire des membres provenant d’une large gamme de perspectives intellectuelles dans les sciences humaines et de la santé.

    Important News

    ams_logoThe Canadian Society for the History of Medicine is thrilled to announce a three-year funding agreement with Associated Medical Services commencing in 2015 to support several initiatives. Read more.