Call for Nominations: Jason A. Hannah Medal

       The Jason A. Hannah Medal is awarded for an important Canadian publication in the history of medicine. In this context, the word ?Canadian? refers to the citizenship or residence of the author, or to content clearly relevant to Canadian medicine and health care. The award is made for a book published within the last […] Read more

L’archive psychiatrique

Santé mentale au Québec – Volume XLI, numéro 2, Automne 2016 Dossier coordonné par Marie-Claude Thifault, Isabelle Perreault, Alexandre Klein et Jean Caron 7 Éditorial – Jean Caron Numéro thématique L?archive psychiatrique 9 L?archive psychiatrique – Alexandre Klein, Isabelle Perreault et Marie-Claude Thifault 21 À la recherche de l?archive psychiatrique perdue. L?histoire des fonds d?archives […] Read more

Social History of Medicine: Co-Editor Vacancy

Social History of Medicine (SHM) seeks a new co-editor to join Professor Pratik Chakrabarti (co-editor), Professor Patricia Skinner (co-editor), and Dr Vanessa Heggie (book reviews editor). The new co-editor will succeed Professor Graham Mooney, who will stand down in 2017. Social History of Medicine is a leading international journal and covers all aspects of the […] Read more