Announcement from the CSHM Conference 2016 Program Chair


A message from Mary-Ellen Kelm, program chair for the next CSHM meeting.

Un message de Mary-Ellen Kelm, en charge du comité de programmation de la prochaine conférence de la SCHM.

Hello colleagues:

As you may know, I was asked to chair the program committee for this year’s CSHM annual meeting. I am excited to be able to put together another amazing program. But I also know that ‘amazing’ is a lot easier to accomplish collaborating with bright colleagues with a variety of interests and views. So this is my invitation to you to:

volunteer to be on the program committee and/or;
offer suggestions for themes or topics and/or;
offer suggestions for the Paterson lecturer.

I’d appreciate volunteers and suggestions to head my way by September 28 so I can finalize the call for papers. Please email me at [email protected].