AMS Paterson Lecture-Conférence AMS Paterson


The CSHM/SCHM annually invites a noted historian of medicine to present a lecture on her/his area of expertise. The lecture series originally was named after Dr. Hannah, the founder of Associated Medical Services Inc. and the Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine. In 1987, the Board of AMS decided to rename the lectureship in honour of Dr. Paterson, the founding executive director of the Hannah Institute, on the occasion of his retirement from the position.

(* published in CBMH/BCHM)

1987 John Parascandola*
1988 Guenter B. Risse
1989 Jean-Noël Biraben*
1990 Judith Walzer Leavitt
1991 John Harley Warner
1992 Jackie Pigeaud*
1993 Philip Teigen
1994 Susan Cayleff
1995 François Delaporte
1996 Barbara Rosenkrantz
1997 Gerald Geison
1998 Susan Reverby
1999 Charles G. Roland*
2000 Andrew R. Cunningham
2001 Anne-Marie Moulin
2002 Bert Hansen
2003 Harold Cook
2004 Christopher Hamlin
2005 Ruth Schwartz Cowan
2006 Gregg Mitman
2007 Heinrich von Staden
2008 Charlotte Furth
2009 Angus McLaren
2010 Jacques Bernier
2011 Susan Lederer
2012 Monica Green
2013 Nayan Shah
2014 Waltraud Ernst
2015 Natalie Zemon Davis*
2016 Elena Conis*
2017 Evelynn Hammonds
2018 Dorothy Porter
2019 Warwick Anderson
2021 Brenda Child

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