Career Development Fellows – Birkbeck University of London


Birkbeck, University of London specialises in evening teaching of degrees for working Londoners. It combines this with a high international research reputation.

As part of its Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund award, Birkbeck, University of London wishes to appoint three Career Development Fellows for up to two years to be supported in developing preliminary data and applications for longer term fellowships. We will be looking for candidates with the potential for a successful academic career within the broadest remit of the Wellcome Trust.

At least one post will be in the School of Science, either in Biological Sciences as part of the Institute of Structure and Molecular Biology with UCL, or in Psychological Sciences.

At least one post will be in the medical humanities as defined by the Wellcome Trust. This could be based in any department in the college but particular strengths are in history of medicine within the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology and medical humanities within the Department of English and the Department of Psychosocial Studies. The Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities bridges a very broad range of interdisciplinary research in the humanities.

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