CSHM/SCHM Call for Participants: New Scholars Writing Group


Call For Participants: New Scholars Writing Group

With the winter semester beginning and the pandemic moving into its second year, many new scholars are experiencing isolation and a languishing of connections ordinarily buoyed by summertime research, conference season(s), in-person classes, and campus life. The Canadian Society for the History of Medicine hopes to provide a space for graduate students, recent graduates, and postdocs to foster community and build connections virtually during these times.

Beginning in March, the CSHM will host the New Scholars Writing Group. The writing group will solicit pieces of writing from new scholars of the history of medicine and health more broadly. These pieces will be distributed a week before each meeting. Scholars will prepare feedback in advance of the meeting and offer constructive feedback to each author. In this way, we can keep apprised of each other?s projects as well as provide support and motivation with moving forward in our individual projects. The CSHM hopes to meet monthly to give structure for writing completion dates, but will defer to interested students? availability and preference for frequency.

We are hoping to solicit 2-3 pieces of writing per meeting. These pieces could be dissertation/thesis/MRP chapters, articles, blog posts, conference papers, grant proposals, or other pieces of writing that peer feedback would be valuable for. The number of submissions, urgency for turn-around, and length of the pieces will determine how many students? work are discussed per meeting. Those factors will also determine how many pieces scholars will be asked to prepare for each meeting.

All of these details are flexible ? we want this group to be as useful as possible. If you are interesting in joining, please fill out this form to register for our introductory session (30 minutes) the second week of March (March 8-12) to decide on the details of our group together. We will use the information collected to contact scholars, schedule meetings, and organize writing submissions.

The group will function in English, but of course, francophones are very welcome! Our hope is that this virtual space will help support and connect with one another as we move through these times. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Emily Kaliel, your CSHMGraduate Student Representative, at [email protected].

La SCHM aimerait également soutenir la création d’un groupe de rédaction en français. Si vous souhaitez en lancer un, veuillez contacter Catherine Carstairs, présidente de la CSHM/SCHM, à l’adresse suivante: [email protected].

Emily Kaliel is a PhD candidate in food history and the history of health at the University of Guelph. She is currently the Graduate Student Representative for the CSHM.