Riot Act-Procédures



  1. Every speaker will have 30 minutes, no more and no exceptions, unless you’d like less time.
  2. We would recommend that 20 minutes maximum be used for the presentation in order to allow at least 5 minutes for discussion of each paper.
  3. A 20-minute paper is roughly 2500-3000 words (8-10 typewritten pages double-spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12).
  4. If speakers do not feel they can conform to 20 minutes, they will be allowed to continue with polite indications at 5 minutes and 2 minutes until 30 minutes have elapsed.
  5. At 30 minutes they will be required to stop. See 4 below.
  6. Questions should follow each paper and not be held until the end of the session. But if you use the full time, you will have no questions.


  1. Because of the heavily loaded program, the Chairs are expected and by all means encouraged to make sure each session and each paper ends on time.
  2. You are asked to simply introduce each speaker in your session by name and affiliation and to read the title of their paper.
  3. Please give a polite indication of the time remaining at 5 minutes and 2 minutes.
  4. Stop speaker at 30 minutes. The Program Committee will support your intervention to this end up to binding, gagging, and bodily removal if necessary.
  5. If a speaker uses the full 30 minutes, no questions should be asked.

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