CFP: Medical Identities: patients and professionals. University College Cork, July 9-11, 2012


University College Cork, July 9-11, 2012.
Medical Identities: patients and professionals
The 2012 conference of the Association for Medical Humanities will take place at University College Cork, Ireland, with the kind support of the Wellcome Trust. Organised in conjunction with the Consortium for Medical Humanities, an inter-University initiative to develop research in Medical Humanities in Ireland, the theme is ?Medical Identities: patients and professionals?, and we hope that it is one that will allow for a broad interpretation of the development of the profession, and of the people who use and serve it.

Themes may include:
? Local, regional and national medical identities related to place and space.
? Medical migrants (movement in search of treatment and training)
? The impact of culture, politics and socialisation on medical practice
? The development of identities ? professional hierarchies within and between specialisms
? Alternative therapies
? Rise of advocacy groups ? the emergence of a collective patient identity
? Professional organisation ? the development of the BMA/IMA
? Changes in identity as a result of medical intervention ? amputees, etc.
? Medicine in war
? Patient as consumer: private medical care
? Charitable medicine ? Medecins Sans Frontieres versus medical missionaries
Conference Organising Committee:
Dr Oonagh Walsh, University College Cork, Dr Ciara Breathnach, University of Limerick, and Dr Olwen Purdue, Queen?s University Belfast.
Please send a 200 word proposal to the organisers at [email protected] by January 31, 2012. Suggestions for panels are also welcomed.