Congress Book Workshop: Canadian Abortion Politics: Twenty-Five Years After Morgentaler


Book Panels supported by the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine and the School of Nursing at the University of Victoria.

Both panels will be held in the Human and Social Development Building.
Attendees are asked to register in advance as space is limited.

Monday, June 3, 3:15 to 4:45, HSD A451
Abortion Access and Activism
Panelists:  Shoshanna Erhlich, Colleen MacQuarrie, Kelly Gordon, Paul Saurette, Shannon Stettner

Despite the Morgentaler decision, access to legal abortion services remains uneven across the country. The panelists discuss the ways in which anti-abortion activism hinders access at both the street and governmental levels; anti-abortion strategies and framing of the issue; and responses from pro-choice and reproductive justice activists.

Tuesday, June 4, 10:15 to 11:45, HSD A451
Medicalization and the Law on Abortion in Canada
Panelists: Greg Flynn, Rachael Johnstone, Jen Rinaldi, Tracy Penny Light

Since the Morgentaler decision, access to abortion has been grounded in the legislation around the Charter rights of in-dividuals as well as being framed as a medical decision in-volving professionals. The panelists will explore how the framing of abortion in medical and legal terms has shaped the abortion politics and political agendas of both the pro and anti-choice movements.