DMHS Speaker List for 2017-2018


Oct 2 ?The Medical Report on the Halifax Explosion? Dr. Jock Murray

?The Scene of a Triumph of Surgery, the Response of Nova Scotia Doctors to the Halifax Explosion? Dr. Allan Marble

Nov 6 ?Role of Pharmacists in the Halifax Explosion? Mary MacCara

?Meaningful Hope in Medicine? Dr. Ian Cameron

Dec 4 ?Amputations and the Halifax Explosion? Dr. Karen Keddy

?Remembering the Halifax Explosion, the Beed family, 53 Gerrish Street? Blair Beed

Jan 8 ?Physician-politician: Dr. A. C. Hawkins’ involvement with the Halifax Relief Commission during 1918? Dr. David Sutherland

?The General and the Neurosurgeon: the Relationship of General Currie and Wilder Penfield? Dr. Mark Sadler

Feb 5 ?The Influence of War on Advances in Anesthesia? Dr. Karim Mukhida

?Medical History of Pictou County? Dr. Allan Marble

Mar 5 ?Trials of Madness: The Role of Civil Law in the Response to Mental Illness? Dr. James Moran, AMS-Pope Visiting Speaker

Apr 2 ?Caesarean Delivery on Maternal Request? Dr. Tom Baskett

?The History of Surgical Needles and Syringes? Tara Lyle

May 7 Medical Student presentations