Funding Opportunity: Eugenics to Newgenics in Alberta: Historical Continuities and Differences


Dr. Claudia Malacrida, at The University of Lethbridge invites applications for up to 2 MA positions/scholarships.
These positions are available from January 1 2014 or September 1 2014 for two years (subject to satisfactory progress reviews after 12 months). The Eugenics to Newgenics project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Research on the project will be conducted in four broad, multi-faceted domains:

*       Archival collection and discourse analysis of historical, eugenic (broadly defined) records

*       Oral histories with survivors of Alberta’s Sexual Sterilization Act (1928-1972) and Alberta’s eugenic period (again, broadly defined in terms of passive and active forms)

*       Collection and analysis of current professional and lay discourses relating to disability, difference, reproduction, sexuality and family status

*       Interviews with women with disabilities in the current context concerning reproductive choice and access, sexualities, and interactions with child protection services and other helping professionals

Qualifications and requirements:
By the time of taking up the award, candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), with a minimum 3.3 Grade Point Average in the fields of Sociology, Anthropology, Disability Studies, Psychology, Women and Gender Studies or Political Science. Qualified graduates of related subjects with a strong Social Science background are also encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will be required to take up their residence in Lethbridge, a small city on the Prairies in Canada. Canadian Citizenship is not a requirement.

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Remuneration for the MA positions is based on a combination of funding from the School of Graduate Studies with a stipend from the SSHRC grant. There is a teaching assistantship obligation of three hours per week during the teaching semesters.

Interested applicants should forward a working transcript, CV/resume and letter of interest to: [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

Claudia Malacrida
Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology
University of Lethbridge
UHall A-890, 4401 University Drive
Lethbridge, Alberta
Canada T1K 3M4