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The Canadian Bulletin of Medical History is looking for reviewers for the following new publications in the field of health and medical history.

Books for review (English)

For presses wishing to have books reviewed, please contact the editor responsible before sending books. 

Books for review (English)

Last updated: February 18, 2019

To review English language books, please contact:
Whitney Wood, PhD
Canada Research Chair in the Historical Dimensions of Women’s Health
Department of History | Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Vancouver Island University icon_e-mail E-mail

CBMH English Language Books for Review (June 2020)

Abel, Emily K. Prelude to Hospice: Florence Wauld, Dying People, and their Families. Rutgers University Press, 2018.

Adamson, Peter (ed.). Health: A History. Oxford University Press, 2019.

Amar, Zohar, and Efraim Lev. Arabian Drugs in Early Medieval Mediterranean Medicine. Edinburgh University Press, 2018.

Bian, He. Know Your Remedies: Pharmacy & Culture in Early Modern China. Princeton University Press, 2020.

Barber, P.W. Psychedelic Revolutionaries: LSD and the Birth of Hallucinogenic Research. University of Regina Press, 2018.

Barbulescu, Constantin. Physicians, Peasants, and Modern Medicine: Imagining Rurality in Romania, 1860-1910. Central European University Press, 2019.

Barnes, David. The Great Stink of Paris and the Nineteenth-Century Struggle against Filth and Germs. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018.

Barr, Rebecca Anne, Sylvie Kleiman-Lafton and Sophie Vasset. Bellies, Bowels and Entrails in the Eighteenth Century. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Bachynski, Kathleen. No Game for Boys to Play: The History of Youth Football and the Origins of a Public Health Crisis. University of North Carolina Press, 2019.

Baum, Emily. The Invention of Madness: State, Society, and the Insane in Modern China. University of Chicago Press, 2018.

Best, Rachel Kahn. Common Enemies: Disease Campaigns in America. Oxford University Press, 2019.

Bittel, Carla. Mary Putnam Jacobi and the Politics of Medicine in Nineteenth-Century America. University of North Carolina Press, 2020.

Breen, Benjamin. The Age of Intoxication: Origins of the Global Drug Trade. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019.

Brooks, Jane. Negotiating Nursing: British Army Sisters and Soldiers in the Second World War. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Capurri, Valentina. ?Not Good Enough for Canada?: Canadian Public Discourse around Issues of Inadmissibility for Potential Immigrants with Diseases and/or Disabilities, 1902-2002. University of Toronto Press, 2019.

Chieko, Nakajima. Body, Society, and Nation: The Creation of Public Health and Urban Culture in Shanghai. Harvard University Press, 2018.

Chircop, John and Francisco Javier Martinez, Mediterranean Quarantines, 1750-1914. Manchester University Press, 2018.

Cock, Emily. Rhinoplasty and the Nose in Early Modern British Medicine and Culture. Manchester University Press, 2019.

Cohen, Benjamin R. Cheating on Nature in the Age of Manufactured Food. University of Chicago Press, 2019.

Connolly, Cynthia A. Children and Drug Safety: Balancing Risk and Protection in Twentieth-Century America. Rutgers University Press, 2018.

Connor, Jennifer and Katherine Side. The Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1890s-1940s. McGill Queen?s University Press, 2018.

Cowgill, Brittany. Rest Uneasy: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Twentieth-Century America. Rutgers University Press, 2018.

Crawford, Matthew James and Joseph M. Gabriel (eds.). Drugs on the Page: Pharmacopoeias and Healing Knowledge in the Early Modern Atlantic World. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019.

Dee, Olivia. The Anti-Abortion Campaign in England. Routledge, 2019.

Dudley-Shotwell. Revolutionizing Women?s Healthcare: The Feminist Self-Help Movement in America. Rutgers University Press, 2020.

Ellison, Jenny. Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada. University of Toronto Press, 2020.

Foxhall, Katharine. Migraine: A History. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019.

Friedenfelds, Lara. The Myth of the Perfect Pregnancy: A History of Miscarriage in America. Oxford University Press, 2020.

Gallagher, Noelle. Itch, Clap, Pox: Venereal Disease in the Eighteenth-Century Imagination. Yale University Press, 2019.

Geroulanos, Stefanos and Todd Meyers. The Human Body in the Age of Catastrophe: Brittleness, Integration, Science, and the Great War. University of Chicago Press, 2018.

Gonaver, Wendy. The Peculiar Institution and the Making of Modern Psychiatry, 1840-1880. University of North Carolina Press, 2019.

Greenlees, Janet. When the Air Became Important: A Social History of the New England and Lancashire Textile Industries. Rutgers University Press, 2019.

Hammond, Mitchell L. Epidemics in the Modern World. University of Toronto Press, 2020.

Heggie, Vanessa. Higher and Colder: A History of Extreme Physiology and Exploration. The University of Chicago Press, 2019.

Horowitz, Alan. PTSD: A Short History. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018.

Humphries, Mark Osborne. A Weary Road: Shell Shock in the Canadian Expeditionary Force: 1814-1918. University of Toronto Press, 2018.

Jackson, Mark. A Global History of Medicine. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Johnson, Bethany L. and Margaret M. Quinlan. You?re Doing it Wrong! Mothering, Media, and Medical Expertise. Rutgers University Press, 2019.

Kang, Helen. Medicine and Morality: Crises in the History of a Profession. University of British Columbia Press, 2019.

King, Stephen. Sickness, Medical Welfare and the English Poor, 1750- 1834. Manchester University Press, 2018.

Kirchhelle, Claas. Pyrrhic Progress: The History of Antibiotics in Anglo-American Food Production. Rutgers University Press, 2020.

Kline, Wendy. Coming Home: How Midwives Changed Birth. Oxford University Press, 2019.

Kravetz, Melissa. Women Doctors in Weimar and Nazi Germany: Maternalism, Eugenics, and Professional Identity. University of Toronto Press, 2019.

Krueger, Gretchen. Hope and Suffering: Children, Cancer, and the Paradox of Experimental Medicine. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020.

Littlefield, Melissa M. Instrumental Intimacy: EEG Wearables and Neuroscientific Control. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018.

Lowy, Ilana. Tangled Diagnoses: Prenatal Testing, Women, and Risk. University of Chicago Press, 2018.

Mackowiak, Philip A. Patients as Art: Forty Thousand Years of Medical History in Drawings, Paintings, and Sculpture. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Magnam, Andrew. The Science of Starving in Victorian Literature, Medicine, and Political Economy. Oxford University Press, 2020.

Marsh, Margaret and Wanda Ronner. The Pursuit of Parenthood: Reproductive Technology from Test-Tube Babies to Uterus Transplants. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019.

McDonagh, Patrick, C.F. Goodey and Tim Stainton. Intellectual Disability: A Conceptual History, 1200-1900. Manchester University Press, 2018.

McNamara, Trent. Birth Control and American Modernity: A History of Popular Ideas. Cambridge University Press, 2018.

Metzler, Irina. Fools and Idiots? Intellectual Disability in the Middle Ages. Manchester University Press, 2018.

Meyer, Jessica. An Unequal Burden: The Men of the Royal Army Medical Corps in the First World War. Oxford University Press, 2019.

Milne, Ida. Stacking the Coffins: Influenza, War and Revolution in Ireland, 1918-19. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Monnais, Laurence. The Colonial Life of Pharmaceuticals: Medicines and Modernity in Vietnam. Cambridge University Press, 2019.

Murphy, Hannah. A New Order of Medicine: The Rise of Physicians in Reformation Nuremberg. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2019.

Nakajima, Cheiko. Body, Society, and Nation: The Creation of Public Health and Urban Culture in Shanghai. Harvard University Press, 2018.

Newman, Brooke N. A Dark Inheritance: Blood, Race, and Sex in Colonial Jamaica. Yale University Press, 2018.

Newton, Hannah. Misery to Mirth: Recovery from Illness in Early Modern England. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Neilsen, Emilia. Disrupting Breast Cancer Narratives: Stories of Rage and Repair. University of Toronto Press, 2019.

Pandya, Sunil. Medical Education in Western India: Grant Medical College and Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy?s Hospital. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018.

Pfutsch, Pierre, ed. Marketplace, Power, and Prestige: The Healthcare Professions? Struggle for Recognition (19th-20th Century). Franz Steiner Verlag, 2019.

Pollock, Ethan. Without the Banya We Would Perish: A History of the Russian Bathhouse. Oxford University Press, 2019.

Poskett, James. Materials of the Mind: Phrenology, Race, and the Global History of Science, 1815-1920. University of Chicago Press, 2019.

Ramirez, Paul. Enlightened Immunity: Mexico?s Experiments with Disease Prevention in the Age of Reason. Stanford University Press, 2018.

Richert, Lucas. Break On Through: Radical Psychiatry and the American Counterculture. MIT Press, 2019.

Roy, Rohan Deb and N.A. Guy. Locating the Medical: Explorations in South Asian History. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Savoia, Paolo. Gaspare Tagliacozzi and Early Modern Surgery. Routledge, 2019.

Scheffler, Robin Wolfe. A Contagious Cause: The American Hunt for Cancer Viruses and the Rise of Molecular Medicine. University of Chicago Press, 2019.

Seth, Suman. Difference and Disease: Medicine, Race, and the Eighteenth-Century British Empire. Cambridge University Press, 2018.

Siena, Kevin. Rotten Bodies: Class and Contagion in Eighteenth-Century Britain. Yale University Press, 2019.

Sivaramakrishan, Kavita. As the World Ages: Rethinking a Demographic Crisis. Harvard University Press, 2018.

Smith, Kylie. Talking Therapy: Knowledge and Power in American Psychiatric Nursing. Rutgers University Press, 2020.

Stahnisch, Frank. A New Field in Mind: A History of Interdisciplinarity in the Early Brain Sciences. McGill-Queen?s University Press, 2020.

Stark, James F. The Cult of Youth: Anti-Ageing in Modern Britain. Cambridge University Press, 2020.

Summers, Martin. Madness in the City of Magnificent Intentions: A History of Race and Mental Illness in the Nation?s Capital. Oxford University Press, 2019.

Szreter, Simon, ed. The Hidden Affliction: Sexually Transmitted Infections and Infertility in History. University of Rochester Press, 2019.

Takeuchi-Demirici, Aiko. Contraceptive Diplomacy: Reproductive Politics and Imperial Ambitions in the United States and Japan. Stanford University Press, 2018.

Teicher, Amir. Social Mendelism: Genetics and the Politics of Race in Germany, 1900-1948. Cambridge University Press, 2020.

Turner, David and Daniel Blackie. Disability in the Industrial Revolution. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Udwadia, Farokh Erach. Tabiyat. Medicine and Healing in India. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Vaudry, Richard W. Andrew Fernando Holmes: Protestantism, Medicine, and Science in Nineteenth-Century Montreal. University of Toronto Press, 2020.

Velmet Aro. Pasteur?s Empire: Bacteriology and Politics in France, Its Colonies, and the World. Oxford University Press, 2020.

Wall, L. Lewis. Tears for my Sisters: The Tragedy of Obstetric Fistula. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018.

Wang, Jessica. Mad Dogs and Other New Yorkers: Rabies, Medicine, and Society in an American Metropolis, 1840-1920. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019.

Waugh, Earle H., Shirley Schipper, and Shelley Ross (eds.). Female Doctors in Canada: Experience and Culture. University of Toronto Press, 2019.

Withycombe, Shannon. Lost: Miscarriage in Nineteenth-Century America. Rutgers University Press, 2018.

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