Term Adjunct Position for Hannah Chair at Queen’s University


Undergraduate Medical Education Program
School of Medicine
Queen’s University

Applications are invited for a Term Adjunct appointment to teach history of medicine while the Jason A. Hannah Professor of the History of Medicine is on academic leave. The appointment will be for the period July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

The appointment will be at 100% responsibility for the equivalent of a 1.0 credit course in the History of Medicine thread in Undergraduate Medical Education. Teaching will include a total of 18-25 contact hours usually with all 100 students in each class mostly through lectures, but also through symposia, seminars and small group sessions. The thread comprises contributions to the following MEDS courses (based on 2014-15): MEDS 110 (2.2%), 111 (2.6%), 112 (3.6), 120 (3.3%), 121 (1.6%), 122 (3.4), 125 (1.9%) 230 (2%), 232A (3.2%), 233A (13.8%), 240 (1.7%), 241 (1.4%), 246 (1.7%). In the School of Medicine, history is integrated throughout the medical curriculum with a special emphasis on teaching in the first and second years of the four-year program. Further details can be found at http://meds.queensu.ca/medicine/histm/core.html.

The Term Adjunct will be responsible for the Hannah Professor’s undergraduate medical teaching based on a well-established curriculum with a specific text book. Approximately 17 classes will take place within two medical classes on an irregular schedule across both the fall and winter terms of the academic year 2015-16. The term adjunct will also act as tutor / advisor for approximately 10 to 15 students interested in pursuing a small research project as part of their population health / community-based learning thread and will offer informal support to students wishing to present the results of their research at conferences such as the University of Calgary’s History of Medicine Days. Aside from the projects, evaluation of history learning in medicine is usually by a single multiple-choice question for each examination selected from a bank of questions.

Endowed through the generosity of Associated Medical Services in honour of their founder and Queen?s MD graduate (1928), the Jason A. Hannah Chair at Queen’s University has been a vibrant component of education for graduates and undergraduates in the health professions since 1988. Each class has 100 students. Rather than providing a course in the traditional sense, history forms part of almost every other course in the pre-clerkship curriculum providing the students with insight and context for each subject, deepening their understanding of the nature of evidence, and preparing them for life-long learning. The two goals of the history program are to 1) introduce history as a research subject relevant to current practice; and 2) instill skepticism and invite questions about the current state of medical knowledge.

Qualifications for the Appointment


  • PhD in history, preferably medical history or history and philosophy of science.

Strongly Preferred

  • Previous experience working in a health care setting, especially medicine.
  • Previous experience teaching students or practitioners of health care professions, especially medical students.
  • Previous experience lecturing to large classes, especially with interactive methods.
  • Previous experience in small group teaching.
  • Knowledge of the Canadian health care system and current issues within it.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Willingness to support a variety of student-initiated activities.
  • Credential(s) in a health care profession.

Applications are to include a one-page letter of interest, an up-to-date curriculum vitae, the names of two referees who may be contacted and any other material the applicant wishes to submit (such as a teaching dossier). To comply with Federal laws, the University is obliged to gather statistical information about how many applicants for each job vacancy are Canadian citizens / permanent residents of Canada. Applicants need not identify their country of origin or citizenship, however, all applications must include one of the following statements: ?I am a Canadian citizen / permanent resident of Canada?; OR, ?I am not a Canadian citizen / permanent resident of Canada?. Applications that do not include this information will be deemed incomplete. Complete applications are to be submitted by April 9, 2015 to Dr. Iain Young, Executive Vice-Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences c/o [email protected].

The University will provide support in its recruitment processes to applicants with disabilities, including accommodation that takes into account an applicant?s accessibility needs. If you require accommodation during the interview process, please contact Joel Gillis at [email protected].