Just Research

AMS Project Grant 

This grant is a great opportunity for a member of the CSHM/SCHM community, generous enough to cover a career-building study or a passion project that you’ve been pondering for years. Applications are open to scholars across the broad reach of the history of medicine and its sister disciplines, but it is directed – although not exclusively – toward research that aims to benefit Canada’s diverse community of health practitioners.  
For more details, deadlines and a link to the agency that oversees the application process go HERE.   

Osler Library Awards 

McGill’s Osler Library offers an array of grants for health researchers from medicine, the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences who work with volumes drawn from its fabled bookstacks and rich collections. A Molina Foundation fund targets medical students seeking summer research, while the Bensley and Nickerson Travel Grants cover the cost of library research for physicians and historians at all career stages. The Pivnicki Award is offered to researchers in the fields of neuro-history or the history of psychiatry who wish to consult the rich archives available across the McGill campus. And the Larose Artist-in-Residence Programme provides a marvelous opportunity for a cross-disciplinary history of health and the arts project. 

For more details, deadlines and a link to the Osler Awards Page that oversees the application process go HERE.   

Shadbolt Fellowship in the Humanities  

Inspired by the legacy of BC painter Jack Shadbolt and his curator partner/biographer Doris, this Simon Fraser University funding pot is open to publicly engaged scholars whose work is about equity, diversity, communication, collaboration, and creating deeper and more dynamic understandings of reconciliation. Five resident fellows are chosen each year, and each delivers a public lecture, performance, or another form of community outreach based on their Shadbolt project. 

For many more details, deadlines, and a link to the Shadbolt site go HERE