Books for Review

English Books for Review

The Canadian Journal of Health History is actively looking to assess new titles in the field of health and medical history and for people to review these new publications. We welcome book reviews written by graduate students, faculty, and independent scholars. Reviews are typically between 800 and 1000 words.

Presses that have books to be reviewed must contact the editor responsible before sending books.

English Book Review Editor  

Matthew Wiseman
Department of History
University of Waterloo
[email protected]

French Book Review Editor 

Alexandre Klein 
Professeur auxiliaire   
École des sciences infirmières  
Université d’Ottawa 
[email protected] 

Our 2023 English language book titles are below.  Please contact Travis Hay ([email protected]) if you are interested in reviewing one or more of them. 

University of British Columbia Press

A Healthy Future: Lessons from the Frontlines of a Crisis
By Ryan Meili

Sexual Assault in Canadian Sport
By Curtis Fogel and Andrea Quinlan

University of Toronto Press

Displacement City: Fighting for Health and Homes in a Pandemic
Edited by Greg Cook and Cathy Crowe

Cancer Confidential: Backstage Dramas in the Radiation Clinic
By Charles Hayter

Whats in Your Genome?: 90% of Your Genome Is Junk
By Laurence A. Moran

Skating on Thin Ice: Professional Hockey, Rape Culture, and Violence against Women
Walter S . DeKeseredy, Stu Cowan, and Martin D . Schwartz

Managing Federalism through Pandemic
Edited by Kathy L . Brock and Geoffrey Hale

Missed and Dismissed Voices: Living with Hidden Chronic Health Problems
Alexander Segall

Making Gender: Big Pharma, HPV Vaccine Policy, and Women’s Ontological Decision-Making
By Michelle Wyndham West

McGill Queen’s University Press

Hungry and Starving: Voices of the Great Soviet Famine, 1928-1934
James R. Gibson

A Thirst for Wine and War: The Intoxication of French Soldiers on the Western Front
By Adam Zientek

Art, Medicine, and Femininity: Visualising the Morphine Addict in Paris, 1870-1914
Hannah Halliwell

Population Control: Theorizing Institutional Violence
Edited by Jennifer Rinaldi and Kate Rossiter

Reimagining Illness: Women Writers and Medicine in Eighteenth-Century Britain
By Heather Meek

The Beautiful Unwanted: Down Syndrome in Myth, Memoir, and Bioethics
By Christopher Kaposy

Conscripted to Care: Women on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Response
By Julia Smith

Doing Harm: How the World’s Largest Psychological Association Lost Its Way in the War on Terror
By Roy J. Eidelson

University of Manitoba Press

Stored in the Bones Safeguarding Indigenous Living Heritages
Agnieszka Pawlowska-Mainville

Plundering the North A History of Settler Colonialism, Corporate Welfare, and Food Insecurity
Kristin Burnett and Travis Hay

Letters with Smokie: Blindness and More-Than-Human Relations
Rod Michalko and Dan Goodley with Smokie

University of Alberta Press

The Cancer Plot: Terminal Immortality in Marvel’s Moral Universe
Reginald Weibe and Dorothy Woodman

All Sky, Mirror Ocean A Healing Manifesto
Brad Necyk

Indigenous Legalities, Pipeline Viscosities Colonial Extractivism and Wet’suwet’en Resistance
Tyler McCreary

Columbia University Press

The Woman Who Couldn’t Wake Up: Hypersomnia and the Science of Sleepiness
Quinn Eastman

Catastrophic Incentives: Why Our Approaches to Disasters Keep Falling Short
Jeff Schlegelmilch and Ellen Carlin

The Suicidal Person: A New Look at a Human Phenomenon
Konrad Michel

The Handbook of LGBTQIA-Inclusive Hospice and Palliative Care
by Kimberly D. Acquaviva

John Hopkins University Press

Policing Pregnant Bodies: From Ancient Greece to Post-Roe America
Kathleen M. Crowther

The Deadly Rise of Anti-Science: A Scientist’s Warning
Peter J. Hotez

We Wait for a Miracle: Health Care and the Forcibly Displaced
Stanley Sabine and John Wenz

The Power of Placebos: Unlocking Their Potential to Improve Healthcare
Jeremy Howick

Introduction to US Health Policy: The Organization, Financing, and Delivery of Health Care in America
Donald A. Barr

Nothing But Nets: A Biography of Global Health Science and Its Objects
Kirsten Moore-Sheeley

Digitizing Diagnosis: Medicine, Minds, and Machines in Twentieth Century America
Andrew S. Lea

Medicine Without Meds: Transforming Patient Care with Digital Therapies
Dean ho, Yoann Sapanel, and Agata Blasiak

The Public Health Approach: Population Thinking from the Black Death to COVID-19
Alfred Morabia

Duke University Press

Radical Health: Unwellness, Care, and Latinx Expressive Culture
Julie Avril Minich

The Long War on Drugs
Anne L. Foster

Unseen Flesh: Gynaecology and Black Queer Worth-Making in Brazil
Nessette Falu

Oxford University Press

Your Money or Your Life Debt Collection in American Medicine
Luke Messac

Medicare for All A Citizen’s Guide
Abdul El-Sayed, Micah Johnson, Bernie Sanders, Pramila Jayapal

Yale University Press

Diabetes A History of Race and Disease
Arleen Marcia Tuchman

Rutgers University Press

Reflections on the Pandemic: COVID and Social Crises in the Year Everything Changed
Edited by Teresa Politano

Migrants Who Care: West Africans Working and Building Lives in U.S. Health Care
By Fumilayo Showers

Metamorphosis: Who We Become after Facial Paralysis
By Faye Linda Wachs

The Sounds of Furious Living: Everyday Unorthodoxies in an Era of AIDS
By Matthew Kelly

The Politics of Potential: Global Health and Gendered Futures in South Africa
By Michelle Pentecost

The Best Place: Addiction, Intervention, and Living and Dying Young in Vancouver
By Danya Fast

Penn State University Press

Show Me Where It Hurts: Manifesting Illness and Impairment in Graphic Pathography
By Monica Chiu

University of Chicago Press

Developing to Scale: Technology and the Making of Global Health
Heidi Morefield

How Does Germline Regenerate?
Kate Maccord

Within Reason: A Liberal Public Health for an Illiberal Time
Sandro Galea

How COVID-19 Took Over the World: Lessons for the Future
Edited by Christine Loh

Navigating the Cultures of Health Care and Health Insurance: Highly Skilled Migrants in the U.S.
Nina Zeldes

University of North Carolina Press

Wondrous Transformations: A Maverick Physician, the Science of Hormones, and the Birth of the Transgender Revolution
By Alison Li

Duke University Press

Intoxicated: Race, Disability, and Chemical Intimacy across Empire
Mel Y. Chen

Genomics with Care: Minding the Double Binds of Science
By Mike Fortun

Radical Health: Unwellness, Care, and Latinx Expressive Culture
Julie Avril Minich